Light Bodied
Bottle, 750 ml
Domaine Michel Lafarge
Serve At:
46°-54° F
France > Burgundy > Volnay

Aligoté is the lesser known of the white grape varieties that are allowed to be grown in Burgundy. This one comes from 75 year-old, biodynamically farmed vines. It's rich on the palate for Aligoté -- juicy, round and quite full with a touch of fresh acidity on the finish. Recommended for anyone looking for an interesting alternative to the Chardonnay dominated Burgundian style.

Domaine Michel Lafarge, dating back to the early 19th century, produces some of Burgundy's most precise and penetrating wines. From their base in Volnay - a neat but unpretentious house in a quiet backstreet hiding some splendid 13th-century cellars - Michel and his son Frederic tend to and vinify the produce of 10 hectares of vineyards, over half of them in Volnay. The vineyards have always been cared for in the most natural and traditional manner, with the utmost respect for the terroir. When replacement of vines is necessary, grafts of existing old vines of the Domaine are always used so that the unique selection is maintained. The entire Domaine was converted to biodynamic farming in 2000 - a natural progression of the Lafarge philosophy which aims to improve harmony between the soil, the vines and the people who cultivate them. The Lafarge wines are characterized by a finely-tuned combination of refinement and structure. Whatever the vintage, their balance and individuality is always evident.

The great wines of Burgundy are uniquely complex, compelling and at times memorizing. Above all they are evocative, transformative but like all creatures, temperamental and anything but dependable. Two grapes dominate this agricultural masterpiece, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Both grapes achieve their greatest elegance when planted in cooler climates, to which Burgundy is the coolest and most Northern climate of all the major regions famous for red wines. When winemakers talk about Burgundy, they generally speak of terroir, the compilation of the vineyard's soil, slope, orientation, nuance of climate, etc. This concept of terroir is what makes wines produced from grapes even in the same village or vineyard strikingly different. Burgundy is a place of legend, awe and adventure, a place that wine lovers call home.

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