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Full Bodied
Bottle, 750 ml
Pasquale Pelissero
Serve At:
59°-64° F
Italy > Piedmont > Barbaresco

This classic-style Barbaresco comes from the oldest vines on the estate, from a vineyard enjoying southwest exposure, situated at an altitude of about 400 meters above sea level, with clayey/calcareous soils. Carefully selection of the bunches starts in the vineyard, where the grapes are hand-harvested starting in the end of September through mid-October. After soft pressing of the grapes, the juice is macerated on the skins for at about 30 days as per traditional methods at a controlled temperature. Then, the wine is aged for at least 24 months in large oak barrels, smaller barriques and tonneaux.

Perhaps the only authentic “garagiste” in Northern Italy, “Papa” Pasquale Pelissero started his winery from a garage and was one of the first producers in Neive to bottle and sell his own wines. While a conservative wine producer, Pasquale was always open to new winemaking and cellar management techniques. The vineyards are truly a treasure and are often visited by other producers from the area. The cellar sits close to the top of the Bricco San Giuliano hill, completely surrounded by Pelissero vineyards. Since Pasquale’s death in 2007, Ornella, his daughter, has carried on the family tradition.

Both viticulteur and cellar master, she does everything on her own, but holds to the methods established by her father. Her sole innovation was the acquisition of a temperature-controlled fermentation tank. The estate is a member of a newly formed consortium of Langhe producers called “Biotipicità”, founded by producers who all adhere to the “lotta integrata”, an Italian regulation governing sustainable farming methods. They will only use pest management techniques that are 100% natural, and work to conserve a diverse ecosystem in their environment.

Piedmont is the most "Frenchified" of all Italian wine regions. The long valleys of the Alpine foothills lead to easier travel to France's southern coast and inland than to the rest of Italy. It is perhaps for this reason that the Piedmontese have long practiced the most refined wine traditions of any Italian region. Terroir-based wisdom trickled down from early French masters (monks, typically) to this area.
Known mostly for their reds (but producing some excellent whites,) from the early ripening Dolcetto grape to the lofty, deep reds of Barolo and Barbaresco crafted from the Nebbiolo grape, these wines are clearly crafted using centuries of terroir-based winemaking.

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