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Full Bodied
Bottle, 750 ml
Aldo Conterno
Serve At:
59°-64° F
Italy > Piedmont > Barolo

A chewy and rich Barolo with dried mushroom, berry and hazelnut character. Full body, round and silky tannins and a long and flavorful finish. Layered and complex.

Serve 57?-63? F

The story of Poderi Aldo Conterno is a tale of great passion for winemaking that winds back through the generations and crosses international borders. It starts in the 19th century, when the forefathers of Aldo Conterno emigrated to Argentina. On account of various family vicissitudes they returned to Italy after a few years. It was then that Giovanni Conterno brought his family back to the small winemaking farm of his father Giuseppe in Monforte d'Alba and started helping him in the production of local wine. With their new understanding of the America’s, the Conternos felt the need to create a superior Barolo, to be produced exclusively from the best vintages, with a long vinification period and capable of lasting over time. The patriarch Giacomo Conterno oversaw the families wine production in the 1920’s during their first vintages of their now legendary Barolo Riserva’s, but in the mid-50’s, his two sons Giovanni and Aldo began to assist Giacomo. With an uncle out in California, Aldo decided to try his luck planting a vineyard in California, but when that failed he returned to Piedmont in 1961 and took over the family estate in the Langhe with his brother. However, the five-year experience in the United States had kindled within Aldo a desire to establish a business of his own. It was for this reason that he decided, after working for a considerable time alongside his brother, to carry out the dream which had been interrupted in America. He bought the "Favot" farm and founded the estate "Poderi Aldo Conterno" in 1969.

Piedmont is the most "Frenchified" of all Italian wine regions. The long valleys of the Alpine foothills lead to easier travel to France's southern coast and inland than to the rest of Italy. It is perhaps for this reason that the Piedmontese have long practiced the most refined wine traditions of any Italian region. Terroir-based wisdom trickled down from early French masters (monks, typically) to this area.
Known mostly for their reds (but producing some excellent whites,) from the early ripening Dolcetto grape to the lofty, deep reds of Barolo and Barbaresco crafted from the Nebbiolo grape, these wines are clearly crafted using centuries of terroir-based winemaking.

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