Bottle, 750 ml
Serve At:
43°-50° F
Israel > Galilee

Rich sparkling wine, light gold color with a rich mousse and plenty of bubbles. Bracing acidity with green apple, lemon custard and brioche on the nose. Juicy apple and butterscotch flavors linger through the finish. Drink with everything.

The brand is named for the Jordan River, "Yarden" in Hebrew, which divides the Golan Heights from the Upper Galilee. In Israel, optimal conditions exist in the Golan Heights. As in other premier wine regions worldwide, everything in this magical strip of land begins with the right conditions – in the Golan, a combination of volcanic basaltic soil, suitable topography and high altitude resulting in cool climate. This is what gives the Golan Heights its second name: “Wine Country.” Over the years, the distinctive wines of the Golan Heights Winery have become world-renowned, winning dozens of awards at prestigious international competitions. Indeed, the Winery has placed Israel on the world wine map. Since its founding in 1983, the Golan Heights Winery has marketed three leading brands – Yarden, Gamla and Golan. Today, it is considered Israel’s leading winery when it comes to wine quality, technological innovation, and new variety development. The Winery has played a significant role in nurturing the country’s current wine culture, and has altered the way Israeli wines are perceived worldwide.

A land with a huge range of microclimates, Israel has shown steady improvement in the quality of its wines over the past thirty years; in particular, the region of Galilee in the northern mountains is producing excellent Bordeaux varietals. Much of Israel's wine is shipped overseas, to meet the world's demand for kosher wines.

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