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Medium Bodied
Bottle, 750 ml
Chenin Blanc
Serve At:
50°-54° F
France > Loire > Vouvray

In the early 1990s, Vigneau-Chevreau was awarded vineyard rights to the Clos Rougemont and the historic Abbey of Marmoutier -- one of the grandest churches in western Europe during medieval times. The site was replanted with a careful selection of vines from Vigneau-Chevreauís best terroirs. The results have been impressive -- yielding a dry, yet full, richly fruited wine to match shellfish and spicy Asian or Southwestern cuisine.

Since 1875, the Vigneau-Chevreau family has farmed the chalky soils of this 69-acre Vouvray domaine, planted entirely to Chenin Blanc. Jean-Michel Vigneau began steering the family domaine in an organic direction in the early í90s and by 1999 Vigneau-Chevreau received its biodynamic certification from Ecocert. The most disciplined of organic cultures, tenets of biodynamics include the natural harnessing of universal forces, scheduling specific vineyard work according to the Maria Thun lunar calendar, and use of homeopathic preparations on both vines and in the soil.

Romantic, enchanted region of the Loire Vally, replete with the famed chateaux perched on the banks of the river. Here the Chenin Blanc grape holds sway, and the whites are justifiably famed for their opulence and longevity. It is here that the continental air patterns meet those of the Atlantic, causing all manner of weather conditions, which is a two-edged sword for the growers of the region. Some years see extraordinary growing seasons, but just as easily the vintage could end in disaster.
There are several styles of Vouvray, the most popular being sec (dry) or demi-sec (off-dry), both of which age splendidly, owing to the strong acidic structure of the wines. Growing in availability are the sparkling Vouvrays, some of which can rival any top sparkling wine in the world in elegance and age-worthiness.

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