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Full Bodied
Bottle, 750 ml
Boer & Brit
Shiraz and Mourvèdre
Serve At:
59°-64° F
South Africa

Lots of dark red fruit and pepper spice. Vibrant acidity carries through onto a multi-layered rich palate with smooth silky tannins. The integration of oak spice and tannin add depth and complexity.
Great with steak!

Once they were bitter enemies at war, the Anglo-Boer War. The one was a Boer, the president of his country. The other a Brit, a famous general who led the relief of Kimberely. President Kruger and Field Marshal French… they died as enemies.
Now, more than a hundred years later, two direct decendants have joined forces. Stefan Gerber a great, great grandson of Paul Kruger and Alexander Milner a great, great grandson of John French have, together, created Boer & Brit, wines so intense and genuine as the battle their ancestors fought long ago.

The Boer, is Stefan Gerber, great-great grandson of President Paul Kruger, with a massive passion for Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz and Mediterranean varietals.
The Brit, is Alex Milner, wine-maker at Natte Valleij (after stints in the South of France and India) and great-great grandson of Field Marshall French - who led the “Relief of Kimberley” - with a passion for Petit Verdot, Bordeaux-blends and anything odd.
110 years ago, these two best friends (they met at Stellenbosch while studying viticulture & oenology) forefathers were bitter enemies and now they’ve combined to make wines for all the people of South Africa (and the world) to enjoy.

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