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Bottle, 750 ml
Serve At:
43°-50° F
Italy > Veneto > Prosecco di Valdobbiadene

The origin of the Santome winery is as interesting and historical as its name. Tenuta Santome (St. Thomas) was chosen as its name when a missionary, who was born and bred in what is now the farmhouse on the Santome estate, wrote to the Spinazze family from faraway Brazil to suggest the name. He felt that the figure of this Saint who is often pictured with his fingers shaped like a square, an instrument for measuring, was ideally suited to represent the events and products of this farm. This Saint and his seal have thus come to represent the history of the Spinazze family and Tenuta Santome, its land, and the excellent wines that come from it. 100% Prosecco, the Satome is light, refreshing and fun with harmonious acidity which makes it useful as an apertif or can be drunk throughout the meal.

Tenuta Santome is run by the Spinazze family with the help of the well-known Prosecco expert and winemaker Marzio Pol. The winery is a model of the modern production of wines with dense planting in the vineyards and a scrupulous selection of grapes, first on the vines, then in the cellar, and for the use of innovative winemaking systems. Located just outside Treviso in the heart of Prosecco country, the Santome vineyards cover an area of 60 hectares, 30 of which are located within the main estate in Biancade, and the other 30 situated on “Grave di Papadopoli” an island on the Piave River between the villages Cimadolmo and Maserada. Santome is also biggest privately-owned vinegrower of the Prosecco grape: of the more than 5,000 producers of Prosecco, 96% of them need to buy grapes or wine from other suppliers, thus giving Santome an unparalleled ability to ensure that their wines are of the utmost quality.

Veneto is one of the most prolific wine regions in Italy. Verona, its capital, has been an important wine center since Roman times. Commercial success hasn't always had beneficial effects on the wines. Since the 1970s perceptions of Veneto's most venerable wines - notably Valpolicella and Soave - have suffered thanks to overproduction and the inferior quality of big producers. Thanks to a new generation of small producers who tend their own vines and make their own juice, Veneto's comeback is picking up momentum. The new wines are refreshing and nuanced, whether red or white. Tastes are changing again and these wines are right for the times - all the more so because they offer unbeatable price/quality.

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  • Bargain


monicafromga says:

  • Crisp
  • Refreshing

This was light and fresh; not very sweet. It was perfect with a Sat. brunch.

  • Balanced
  • Crisp

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