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Full Bodied
Half-Bottle, 375 ml
Cabernet Sauvignon
Serve At:
59°-64° F
Chile > Central Valley > Curico Valley

The reserve Cabernet is one of the top wines of the Echeverria family, a prominent estate in the Curico Valley, Chile. Using a blend of several single vineyard sites, with traditional winemaking skills and new American and French oak, it creates wines of exceeding complexity and depth at a price that is hard to beat. This full bodied wine will cellar up to ten years, but can be consumed in its youth as a wonderful companion to lamb chops or a peppered steak.

In the heart of the Curico Valley in central Chile, the Echeverria family have been prominent in the cultivation of their vineyards since the 1700's. All of the members of the family are currently involved in the Estate, with a particular emphasis placed on traditional winemaking and a sense of nature and sustainable eco-practices.

Chile's Central Valley, located between the vast Pacific Ocean and the forbidding heights of the Andes Mountains, has excellent climate conditions for growing. The Valley is influenced by two major cooling effects, the "Humboldt Current" which originates in the Antarctic and travels up the coast of the Ocean, and the nightly blowing of the cold desert air sweeping down the desolate slopes of the Andes. This lengthens the growing season, allowing fruit to reach full maturity, and granting greater flexibility in harvest.

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