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Light Bodied
Bottle, 750 ml
D. Ventura
Serve At:
50°-54° F
Spain > Ribeira Sacra

The vineyards are ancient and the farming techniques historical with much attention given also to organic farming methods. No modern cheats are used -- Only indigenous yeast are used to start fermentation and no filtration or cold stabilization are employed.

This 100% Mencia wine shows a gorgeous ruby in the glass, with bright floral aromas, tart cranberry and little bit of funky earthiness. Brilliant acidity and gentle tannins, yet with voluptuous body make this a lovely wine to pair with seared scallops or roasted fowl.

One of the most stunning landscapes in Spain is located in the heart of Galicia in an area known as the Ribeira Sacra (Sacred Banks).

D. Ventura is a new project by Ramón Losada and his family utilizing old family holdings in this ancient wine growing region. Ever since the Romans inhabited the area, people have been growing grapes on the steep terraces lining the two rivers that form the Denomination.

Working these lands is extremely difficult as the terraces in some areas are so steep that all the grapes have to be brought in on a dumb waiter. All farming is done by hand and Ramón, with the help of Gerardo Mendez (Do Ferreiro), changed the farming techniques to incorporate a more natural approach.

There are currently three vineyard sites in an area that has been famous throughout time as being one of the best sites for making wines.

Ribeira Sacra is a Spanish Denominación de Origen (DO) (Denominación de Orixe in Galician) for wines located in the south of the province of Lugo and in the north of the province of Ourense, in Galicia, Spain. It extends over the territories of 17 different municipalities that conform a zone and entity called Ribeira Sacra, which could be translated as "Sacred Shore". The vineyards are planted on the steep slopes of the valleys and canyons of the rivers Miño and Sil. The area acquired official Denominación de Origen status in 1997. Their are three main varietal wines produced: red Mencía, white Albariño and white Godello.

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